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The 11th Global Cloud Computing Conference, China Station (Cloud Connect China 2023), has once again received strong support and guidance from the Ningbo Municipal People’s Government. The conference will be held on November 29-30, 2023, at the Shangri-la Hotel in Ningbo.

The Global Cloud Computing Conference, China Station, is considered the premier platform for leading the development of China’s Internet and cloud computing industries. It introduces the latest global technological advancements to the Chinese IT industry and discusses hot topics and future trends. This year, the Global Cloud Computing Conference, China Station, will revolve around the theme of “Innovation Beyond Boundaries, Applications Without Limits,” and engage in in-depth discussions on the latest research and application of cloud computing technology.

During this conference, experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from the global cloud computing industry will share their latest achievements and innovations in the field of cloud computing. They will explore the application of cloud computing in industries such as finance, healthcare, education, manufacturing, as well as discuss how to ensure the reliability and sustainable development of cloud computing in terms of security, privacy, and data governance.

This year’s conference will feature a new forum on artificial intelligence (AI), which will focus on the development trends of AI and its cross-integration with cloud computing technology. The forum will explore the applications of AI in the field of cloud computing and its implementation scenarios in various industries. AI, as an important application direction of cloud computing technology, is gradually transforming our production and lifestyle.

Currently, the call for topics for the 11th Global Cloud Computing Conference, China Station, is open. We sincerely invite you to participate in this call for topics! We look forward to gathering more ideas, experiences, and solutions, and sharing them with IT professionals from around the world!

15. 09. 2023


Conference Topic (include but not limited)

Main Forum (Innovation Beyond Boundaries, Applications Without Limits):

1. Does the popularity of ChatGPT indicate the arrival of AI in the era of large-scale commercialization?

2. The correlation between Web 3.0 and cloud computing, along with their application scenarios.

3. Technological innovation empowering ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and sustainable development.

4. Trends and future development of cloud computing.

5. The path of self-developed chips for technology companies.

6. Achieving “dual carbon” goals through cloud computing in enterprises.

7. Building green and energy-efficient liquid-cooled data centers.

8. Rapid deployment through modular data centers.


Artificial Intelligence Forum: Trends and Future Development of Artificial Intelligence; Ethical and Social Issues of Artificial Intelligence; Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Development; Challenges and Opportunities of Large-scale AI Computing Systems; Deep Learning and Computer Vision; The Transformative Power of AI and Development Opportunities in Related Industries; Case Studies of Artificial Intelligence Applications.


Cloud Computing Technology Forum: Cloud Native; Edge Computing; Practical Implementation of Multi-Data Center Distributed Architecture; Low-Code Practices and Applications; Cloud Security and Data Security Compliance.


Speaking Benefits

Showcase your latest achievements on an international platform and engage in academic discussions and exploration of hot topics with global experts, scholars, and industry professionals. Comprehensive media promotion of the conference (including posters, websites, WeChat, etc.) to ensure that more industry professionals become aware of your latest achievements. VIP treatment throughout the conference.


Speech Format

Duration: 30 minutes (including 5 minutes for audience Q&A). If you require a customized speech time, please inform the organizing committee in advance. After deliberation and approval, arrangements can be made accordingly.

The speech should have a clear theme, provide illustrative examples, and include practical and theoretical information. By default, there is one speaker. If you require a second speaker, please inform the organizing committee in advance. After deliberation and approval, arrangements can be made accordingly.

*Note: We do not provide any hardware devices (such as laptops or internet) to participants. If you require them to bring anything with them, please clearly indicate it in your topic description.

Please complete the following form when submitting your topic:

1. Contact Information: Please provide complete contact details, a brief personal introduction in both Chinese and English, and upload a headshot photo.

2. Speech Title: Please provide a bilingual (Chinese and English) speech title that clearly reflects your presentation topic. This information will be included in the conference proceedings upon acceptance of your topic.

3. Speech Abstract: Please provide a bilingual (Chinese and English) speech abstract of up to 150 words, outlining the content of your speech. This information will be included in the conference proceedings upon acceptance of your topic.

4. Audience Takeaways: In 50 words or less, describe what attendees will learn from your speech.

5. Additional Introduction: In 800 words or less, please provide a more detailed description of your speech. Failure to provide sufficient descriptive information may result in your topic not being considered.


Speech Requirements:

When you agree to speak at the 11th Global Cloud Computing Conference, China, you commit to delivering a well-prepared speech, and you cannot significantly alter the topic or content that you previously submitted. The speech you deliver must be the one that you submitted and received approval for. If there are any changes to the speech content or substitution of speakers, the organizing committee will make adjustments or cancel your speaking slot based on the actual circumstances. We expect speakers to submit both the on-site presentation slides (PPT) and a publicly shareable PDF version by the specified deadline. Additionally, speakers agree to be available to deliver their speech on any day during the conference period of the 11th Global Cloud Computing Conference, China.


Submission Process

The Expert Advisory Board of the Global Cloud Computing Conference, China, will review and evaluate submitted speech topics based on the following criteria:

1. Concept: This refers to the fundamental viewpoint of your submitted topic. Is it interesting? Is it relevant? Will it benefit IT professionals? This is a space for unleashing creativity and sharing practical knowledge, providing the best platform for such endeavors.

2. Depth: Has the fundamental viewpoint been carefully considered? To what extent will attendees gain insights? The deeper the content, the better.

3. Structure: Are your ideas strong enough to be presented to attendees? Do the expert advisors understand what you intend to convey? A well-structured speech will be helpful in delivering your message effectively.

4. Qualifications: How does your past experience ensure your qualification to speak on the submitted topic?

The selection of your speech topic for inclusion in the 11th Global Cloud Computing Conference, China, will be based on the comprehensive evaluation of the above criteria by the expert advisory board.

Q&A : How can I submit a speech with a specific business objective?
The conference speeches at Cloud Connect China are dedicated to providing an opportunity for IT professionals to share viewpoints and experiences. Speech topics with a commercial or marketing nature will not be considered.
Generally, speeches focused on proprietary products and technologies will be considered sponsorship speeches. The expert advisory board and conference management have the right to make careful judgments and handle such cases accordingly. If you wish to promote a product, please contact our sales team to explore exhibition and sponsorship opportunities, including sponsorship speeches (single presentation, half-day/full-day workshop sessions).

When will I know the review results of my submitted topic?
If your topic is approved, we will notify you by phone/email before September 30, 2023. Due to the high volume of topic submissions, we apologize that we cannot individually notify those whose topics did not pass the review. If you have any questions regarding the review results, please contact Ms. Kathy Ren ( Thank you!
(Note: The translations provided above are for reference purposes. The actual information regarding submission and review process may vary. It is recommended to consult the conference’s official guidelines for accurate information.)


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