2022 Speaker
Peigen Li

Peigen Li

Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering

Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  • Member of Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor of Huazhong University of science and technology, President of China Society of mechanical engineering. Former president of Huazhong University of science and technology. He has long been engaged in teaching and scientific research in the field of machinery manufacturing and automation, and is a well-known expert in the informatization of China’s manufacturing industry. He once served as the chairman of the Teaching Steering Committee of mechanical engineering of the Ministry of education, the vice president of the Sixth Council of the Chinese Association of higher education, a member of the CIMS expert group and a member of the robot expert group of the national high technology research and development program (863 Program).
  • With the continuous development of industrial Internet, the number of sensors and underlying devices is increasing, and various types of data are exploding. Data computing technology, especially edge computing technology, has become an important factor affecting the deepening application of industrial Internet in manufacturing. Edge computing model has become an important support for the emerging Internet of things applications. It will also describe the latest development and applications of industrial Internet.
Edgar Perez

Edgar Perez

Council Member, the Gerson Lehrman Group

Former Vice President, Citigroup

  • A global technology and finance keynote speaker, a published author as well as a business consultant for private equity and hedge funds. He is Council Member at the Gerson Lehrman Group, Guidepoint Global Advisors and Internal Consulting Group. Other roles of his include corporate trainer and business consultant for billion-dollar private equity and hedge funds. His previous roles include vice president at Citigroup, senior consultant at IBM and a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co.
  • The increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other emerging technologies is expected to radically transform companies large and small. From messaging and chatbots, to sophisticated enterprise applications, it’s clear that artificial intelligence is here to stay and expand its range of applications. The future of customer interactions is decisively virtual, and is brought to us courtesy of the metaverse, the next iteration of the internet. While the metaverse is still years away, it is never too early to review many of its potential and groundbreaking applications during the next decade at Cloud Connect China 2022.
Adrian Ho

Adrian Ho

Practice Leader, Digital Enterprise Services


  • Adrian’s primary research focus is on technologies and solutions delivered to multinationals, enterprises, government agencies, and SMEs globally. This includes data center and cloud services, workspace and enterprise mobility solutions, artificial intelligence, security, and other emerging ICT technologies shaping the ICT industry. Adrian is a regular speaker at industry events and is often quoted by the media on industry trends. Prior to joining Omdia, he was the principal analyst for telecoms and mobility at IDC where he delivered innovative go-to-market strategies for clients.
  • This session gives a snapshot of Omdia Horizons report which discusses the top business and societal challenges of the next decade. It also reveals the most sought-after technologies by enterprise IT buyers that could resolve some of these challenges and transform the way businesses operate and how societies live and function.
Jill Tang

Jill Tang

Co founder


  • Jill Tang is a serial entrepreneur, community builder and Women in STEM advocate. She is the co-founder of Ladies Who Tech, a social enterprise focusing on changing the status quo and promotes gender diversity and inclusion in STEM industry through offering inspiration & awareness, digital upskilling & reskilling, career development opportunities and community network. It connects more than 50,000+ women and allies in the network with 15 city chapters across greater China, South East Asia, Europe and North America.
    Forbes China, the Guardian, BBC, TechNode, Paper, CGTN and CNN also reported her work. Jill is the finalist for 2016 Australia China Young Alumni of the year and top 100 Gen T in China by Asia Tatler in 2019. In 2020, Jill was awarded ’Social Impact Award’ at AmCham Future Leaders of the Year Award.
    She holds Bachelor of Commerce from Latrobe University, Master of Applied Finance from Monash University and MBA from Melbourne Business School.
  • 1. The future trend of black technology from the perspective of women; 2. By comparing the current situation of women in the development of science and technology in China and the West (talent, leadership, product, entrepreneurship and innovation, etc.), understand the irreplaceable nature of women in the development of the science and technology industry, and promote more women to play a more important role in the development of the industry.
Qiongfang Zhang

Qiongfang Zhang

Principal Engineering Manager

Microsoft Teams, China

  • Joined Microsoft in Jan, 2021 and working on the intelligent calling and meeting experience in Teams desktop client.
    Industry background: 16 years industry experience focusing on calling and meeting for enterprise real-time communication and collaboration software. Interests/Impact: Active in Inclusion & Diversity events. Mentor in MS Women Mentoring circles. Panel speaker for WIT (Women in Technology) APAC kickoff event, Panel Speaker for WTN (Women Think Next) APAC kickoff event.
Li Yang

Li Yang

Vice president of Shenxin Technology

Sangfor Technologies Inc.

  • Vice president of Sangfor technology, former founder and general manager of 360 Network Security University and CEO of onion investment. Bachelor of human resource management, master of computer science and technology, international psychologist. Director of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan District big data (Finance) security research center of Shenzhen Research Institute of Jiangxi University of Finance and economics, vice president of Dawan District Industry Education Alliance, vice president of Wuhan network security base school enterprise association, director of information technology new engineering industry university research alliance, and member of CCF Education special committee.
Haihua Zhan

Haihua Zhan

VP, Hangzhou Fenghui Liuheqiao Venture Capital Technology Co., LTD

Executive director, Hangzhou Huyu Technology Co., LTD

  • She used to be a senior manager of a listed company and participated in the establishment of a well-known high-tech enterprise in China. He has many years of experience in enterprise management, and has rich experience in corporate investment and financing, capital mergers and acquisitions, internal operation management, etc.
Icey Cong

Icey Cong


MENGSHEN Technology Co., Ltd.

  • An experienced entrepreneur, more than a decade in 3D animation, movie making, VR game development, with rich experience in management and very easy going, Cong Fang is responsible for project management, brand operation and cross industry collaborations.
Zhang Hanwen

Zhang Hanwen

Strategic Business Development Manager


  • Marketing Strategy Director of Digital Science Business Unit of Thermo Fisher Scientific, focusing on driving digital transformation solutions in the pharmaceutical and biological, academic research and manufacturing industries. He has over 18 years of experience in information technology and is familiar with information infrastructure, cloud computing, data analytics and IoT technologies. He has worked for industry leaders such as Honeywell, IBM and Fujitsu, where he was responsible for product roadmap, solution design, corporate strategy and industry consulting. He is also a consultant of global information media such as TechTarget, and has published fifteen books so far, including “Big Data Industry Revolution” and “Artificial Intelligence General Knowledge Course”.
  • Life sciences has seen explosive growth driven by the impact of COVID-19. New technologies and pipeline emerging from vaccines to CGT. Just like the IT wave in the beginning of this century, infrastructure plays a key role, ranging from instruments to reagents and consumables, while compliance requirements raise the barriers to entry. Shared solutions based on the concept of on-demand use are taking shape and building a new business ecosystem.
Anant Adya

Anant Adya

EVP, GTM Head for Infosys Cobalt

Infosys Limited

  • Anant Adya is EVP and GTM Head for Infosys Cobalt and Business Head for Cloud, Infrastructure and Security Services in Americas and APAC. He and his team are responsible for designing solutions to help customers in their Digital and Cloud journey. They use a combination of AI-led solution sets combined with capabilities from partner and startup ecosystem to design best solutions for customers. He focusses on Hybrid Cloud solutions from Edge to Core to Public Cloud and helps customers to use the combination of technologies like Edge, IOT, 5G, Data, AI/ML with Cloud to drive Business Outcomes.
  • Anant Adya, EVP of Infosys, will share important information about the overall trends in the enterprise cloud market and changes in user purchasing behavior. He will also share with you the important release of the Global Cloud Computing Ecosystem Index, a joint initiative of MIT and Infosys. This is of great significance to enterprises and organizations in the cloud computing field both globally and in China, and will continue to contribute to the global digital transformation and the popularization and promotion of cloud computing.
Juan Jia

Juan Jia

Senior Product Manager

Tencent Cloud

  • Jia Juan, senior product manager of Tencent, head of Tencent cloud computing team’s localization and hybrid cloud scene product side, has been engaged in research and development and cloud computing product planning for more than 10 years, and has rich experience in cloud related software and hardware, product ecology, and enterprise cloud. At present, he is responsible for Tencent cloud computing hybrid cloud product planning and promotion, and is ideal to contribute to China’s cloud computing development and China’s enterprise informatization transformation.
  • In the past 10 years, cloud computing technology represented by public cloud has developed rapidly, helping a large number of cloud enterprises improve efficiency, reduce costs, and realize digital transformation. However, from the perspective of the proportion of social it scale, the penetration rate of cloud computing is still not more than 10%. Which market segments are cloud computing that has not yet been in-depth? What are the factors that hinder cloud access? Can new cloud technologies and forms solve these problems?
    Distributed cloud, which has been sought after by the industry since its birth, carries the mission of cloud computing to go deeper into the field of digitalization. In recent years, it has been selected and adopted by customers in more and more traditional industry projects. What advantages it has and how to fill the gap between cloud and traditional industry through innovative ideas will be introduced to the audience one by one by combining the actual development cases of Tencent in the field of distributed cloud.
Shipei Wu

Shipei Wu


EdgeRay Technologies Co., Ltd

  • Has 10 years of experience in the cloud computing industry, worked in Oracle, Huawei and Wangsu successively, currently as the Vice President of EdgeRay Technologies Co., Ltd, in charge of products and solutions.
  • Explain why Distributed Cloud is the future of cloud computing, and introduce the Distributed Cloud product concept, product capabilities and application scenarios of EdgeRay.
Paulo Lopes

Paulo Lopes

China Country Head

IET Engineering and Technology Consultancy (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

  • Paulo has more than 15 years of work experience in strategy, management, consultancy, innovation, and certification across five continents.
    Paulo holds a MBA from Tsinghua-MIT Sloan as well as MSc Environmental Technology, Imperial College London.
  • The latest development about 6G technology, and explore how the engineers can play a vital role in the development of technology
Han Yan

Han Yan

Senior Expert

Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd.

  • Alibaba senior expert, registered Utility Engineer (HVAC). He has worked in the data center industry for 15 years, participated in the formulation of a number of domestic national standards, industrial standards, CDCC and TGG and other technical standards, and participated in dozens of domestic major data center projects. Led the development of a number of technologies affecting the industry, including full-frequency fluorine pump technology, full-time natural cooling technology, centralized condenser technology, super prefabricated large-scale integrated natural cooling technology, etc
  • 1. Ali uses submerged liquid cooling as the construction logic of the refrigeration scheme. 2. Problems encountered in the construction of submerged liquid cooling and solutions. 3. The value of submerged liquid cooling to the entire data center industry
Roger Lloret-Batlle

Roger Lloret-Batlle

PhD in Transportation Engineering, University of California, Irvine

Assistant Professor, Ningbo China Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (NISCI)”, “name”: “Roger Lloret-Batlle

  • Roger Lloret-Batlle is an Assistant Professor at the Ningbo China Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (NISCI) in MIT’s Global SCALE Network. His main research interests are market design for transportation and logistics operations and statistical modeling. Prof. Lloret-Batlle has published research in renowned transportation journals and conferences such as Transportation Research Part B, E and ISTTT. He also serves as a reviewer for Transportation Science, Trans. Res. Part B, C, E and TRB. Previously, he was an Expert Algorithm Engineer at DiDi Smart Transportation in Beijing, China. There, he worked on the development and implementation of adaptive traffic signal control and traffic state estimation technologies with connected vehicle data in addition to coordinating the international expansion of the business.
  • Cloud computing (CC) has been the last revolution coming from computer information systems and software engineering. CC has disrupted many industries during the last ten years and it will continue to do so. The advantages are clear: higher efficiency and lower costs due to important economies of scale. Moreover, cloud computing has created new markets now worth billions of dollars. However, integration of cloud computing is still lagging in many supply chain areas. One in particular is sea shipping. Due to information belonging to different stakeholders and, in most occasions, in many geographic zones and regulations, the adoption of cloud computing is still cumbersome. Nevertheless, new companies have emerged with the goal of bringing cloud computing to this market. Old companies are adapting to this new reality as well: COVID-19 has accelerated the need anyways. In this talk, we will present the major obstacles and opportunities CC faces with sea shipping and provide new directions this new market will take.
Sam Lei

Sam Lei

Industrial Internet Supply Chain Business Director


  • He has rich experience in informatization, digitalization and lean consulting in discrete industries such as automobile, 15 years of experience in supply chain and digital transformation in the automotive industry, and 6 years of experience in management and it consulting (including top consulting institutions and dual cross industrial Internet platforms). He was once employed by well-known enterprises such as SAIC, Ford, Bosch, ZF, IBM, XCMG Hanyun, and currently serves as the director of supply chain digitalization business on Geely industrial Internet platform.
  • 1. Supply chain challenges in the automotive industry
    2. Layout and dilemma of overcoming challenges
    3. Thinking of supply chain strategy
    4. MOMaster smart chain collaborative solution
Bo Li

Bo Li

Associate Professor /Degree Program Director

Ningbo China Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (NISCI)

  • He has a PhD in business Administration from Texas A&M University and was a visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Transportation and Logistics. He has been engaged in the field of supply chain management for a long time, especially the theoretical and application research of supply chain management in retail, medical, cloud services and other fields. He has made achievements in risk analysis of inventory management, process improvement and competitive strategy of cloud services, and has published academic papers in a number of internationally renowned academic journals. He has also served as a reviewer for several leading international academic journals.
  • Supply chain digital services are increasingly embedded in the daily activities of businesses and consumers, accompanied by competition in business models and technologies. As operating models continue to evolve, new issues surface and challenge practitioners. However, a series of problems encountered in the actual operation of supply chain digital services have not been properly dealt with, and some problems have not even been recognized. This speech will sort out the evolution and opportunities of supply chain digital services, and demonstrate the development trend of the industry with theoretical frameworks and domestic and foreign industry examples.

Zhou LieBing

Business head of Zhejiang Province in Greater China


  • He joined eBay in 2018 and is now responsible for eBay’s full category business in Zhejiang. With years of experience in attracting investment on cross-border platforms, it has successfully guided thousands of foreign trade export enterprises to layout overseas online businesses. Before joining eBay, I had 8 years of experience in traditional foreign trade and overseas marketing, helping many foreign trade enterprises expand overseas markets, mainly involving home gardening, home appliances, tools, lighting, and rich practical experience in export trade.
  • The supply chain is the earliest digital link for commercial enterprises, especially for sizeable cross-border trade platforms. A mature and efficient digital supply chain guarantees an e-commerce platform to maintain competitiveness. In the cloud era, the technological improvement and efficiency increase brought by digitalization provide technical support for the upgrading and evolving of the supply chain. The epidemic has brought great challenges to the supply chain of large platform enterprises. As a global e-commerce platform, eBay will actively embrace a digital supply chain in its cross-border e-commerce business in China. It has prepared many digital tools to help Chinese sellers cope with the challenges posed by the epidemic.
Zhang Yongman

Zhang Yongman

Assistant to the president and general manager of northern region

Dawning Cloud Computing Group Co., Ltd

  • He has a Bachelor of engineering degree from University of Electronic Science and technology and a master’s degree from Institute of microelectronics technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He joined Shuguang in July 2014. He is now the assistant to the president of Shuguang Cloud Computing Group Co., Ltd. and the general manager of northern region, mainly responsible for the business development of Shuguang cloud group in northern provinces and cities and the management of its subsidiaries.
  • The rapid development of information technology has made the deep integration between the Internet and the industry inseparable. For Laoshan District of Qingdao, one of the key breakthroughs of grid governance in Laoshan district is how to better integrate the “three constructions” focusing on “party construction”, “social construction” and “urban construction and management” into the gene of the Internet, so as to greatly improve the efficiency of cumbersome government affairs while making them light. To this end, Laoshan District decisively introduced dawning’s “big data” and created a new model of “three construction linkage” to promote social governance innovation.
Cathy Ye

Cathy Ye

GM of Eco-Center

Zhejiang Chinajey Intelligent System Co., Ltd.

  • For 12 years, she has been engaged in industries related to the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, participated in the drafting of the general requirements for the construction and operation of digital small and micro enterprise parks in Zhejiang Province, committed to the discussion and research of industrial Internet platforms, industrial software, system integration, industrial digital twins and other directions, and was good at integrating upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain to create a new value chain system.
  • The manufacturing industry is gradually changing from production centered to market demand centered. The digitalization of the manufacturing industry continues to deepen. How to combine lean management with the automatic flow of data to solve the uncertainty and complexity of discrete manufacturing, realize the lean digital manufacturing mode of small batch, multiple products, customization, multiple changes and other businesses, and help enterprises build new competitive advantages, improve quality and efficiency, save costs and reduce consumption, It is worth exploring together to realize the comprehensive innovation and transformation of business.
Yu Wu

Yu Wu

Vice President, Henan Digital Economy Industry Innovation Research Institute

Research Fellow, Pen Cheng Laboratory

  • Wu Yu, PhD, Department of computer science, University of Hong Kong, is currently a researcher at Pengcheng National Laboratory, a distinguished researcher at Dongguan Institute of technology, a visiting professor at the Institute of quantum physics, Southern University of science and technology, and vice president of Henan Institute of digital economy industry innovation.
    Professor Wu Yu also has rich experience in industry. He is the chief architect of Shenzhen Simoro Technology Co., Ltd. (a national high-tech enterprise and a Shenzhen high-tech enterprise) and the chief scientist of the intelligent manufacturing professional committee of the China Association of small and medium-sized enterprises. The smart lamp pole project led by him has been deployed in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games venues, The “smart brain” smart LTE chip module developed by teacher Wu Yu’s team has passed the certification of the Ministry of industry and information technology and is widely used in aiot scenarios of edge computing.
  • The development of information technology is rapidly promoting the digital transformation of supply chain. Blockchain will integrate cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of things, machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide enabling technologies for the transparency, intelligence, automation and interconnection of the supply chain, and create a new digital driven smart supply chain platform.
    As a distributed ledger, blockchain can provide complete tamper proof and traceability guarantees for different links of the supply chain, including design, procurement, manufacturing, contract, finance, integration, warehousing, logistics and delivery, so as to ensure the authenticity and credibility of the data chain. However, the “last mile” problem of offline data “uploading” cannot be completely solved by blockchain technology alone. Through the combination with aiot, supplemented by AI and other technologies, it can realize the full linkage of online and offline data, improve the data flow and transmission transparency of the supply chain, and accelerate the digital transformation of the supply chain.
    This lecture will briefly introduce the core technologies of blockchain and aiot, and discuss their applications and advantages in supply chain. Including but not limited to the following questions: how can blockchain and aiot really improve the capacity of the supply chain? How to solve some stubborn problems in the current supply chain system? How can blockchain improve the transparency of data flow in all links of the supply chain? The architecture of blockchain and aiot system and how to apply it?
Zhang Junrui

Zhang Junrui

General manager of new business division

Zhejiang Lanzhuo Industrial Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd

  • 12 years of experience in industrial informatization;
    7 years overseas working experience, industrial informatization project experience in Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa;
    Talent training expert of National Industrial Internet Steering Committee;
    Industrial Internet Professor in Suzhou Science University & Distinguished Professor of Shandong University of Science and Technology
  • Definition and value of industrial brain;
    The construction idea and structure of industrial brain;
    Industrial brain enabling industrial chains;
    Case study of industrial Brain
Gong Jian

Gong Jian

Senior director of supply chain solutions

JD Logistics

  • This paper introduces the digital solution of automotive after-sales spare parts supply chain, and the service ability to help enterprises’ digital transformation and solve business pain points. The following three points will be involved: 1. The current situation of the automotive after-sales spare parts industry, and the problems and concerns of automotive OEMs in the after-sales spare parts business field; 2. Contents, value points and application business scenarios of digital solutions for automotive after-sales spare parts supply chain; 3. Case introduction based on the application of digital solutions for automotive after-sales spare parts supply chain.
Zhen Guan

Zhen Guan

Chief Technical Advisor

Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd.

  • As the chief technical advisor of Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd., he is committed to combining the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and industrial innovation, initiating and promoting the exploration of digital transformation of Microsoft and its partners in the fields of industry, retail, construction and so on. Guan Zhen is the author of the three books and the theme sharer of tedx smart city. At the same time, he is also a member of CITIC Union Standards Committee, an industrial Internet expert of Guangdong Provincial Department of industry and information technology, and a member of the first batch of manufacturing digital transformation Advisory Group in Guangdong Province. He also serves as a special innovation instructor in Harbin Institute of Technology Graduate School, Turing class of Changjiang business school, brinc accelerator and other institutions.
  • Digital twin is not just a big screen. In the process of establishing the projection from the physical world to the digital world, digital twin links the mechanism model and entity relationship through the graph database to solve the liquidity between these professional people, systems, data and knowledge structures. On this basis, the capabilities of various business layers are released. So, if we focus on building a resilient supply chain from the perspective of “business”, how can digital twins play a role and what preparations need to be made?
Lei Yang

Lei Yang

Director of Intelligent Manufacturing and Safety Laboratory

Professor, School of Cyberspace Security, Zhejiang University

  • Doctor of Industrial Engineering, TU Dortmund, Germany, post Doctor of Zhejiang University, with many years of senior management experience in multinational companies, in charge of strategy, investment, intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet business.
    Currently Dr. Yang, Lei is the director of intelligent manufacturing and Safety Laboratory in ZJU-Hangzhou Global Scientific and Technological Innovation Center as well as in Research Institute of Zhejiang Univercity-Jiaxing. He is also the researcher in School of Cyber Science and Technology, Zhejiang University. With many years experience in intelligent manufacturing, data analysis, 5G + Industrial Internet and lean production, he is also committee member of industrial big data and intelligent system of CMES, 3D printing and social manufacturing of CAA, Zhejiang intelligent manufacturing expert committee.
  • 1、Connotation and technical characteristics of industrial Internet
    2、Industrial Internet helps the integration of the whole industry chain and supply chain
    3、Industrial Internet drives the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry
    4、Case sharing
Wei Gu

Wei Gu

Information Security Director


  • Mr. Gu Wei has more than 18 years of working experience in the field of information security, and has worked in information security architecture and information security management in many of the world’s top 500 cross foreign enterprises. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, he has rich experience in information security and privacy. Mr. Gu Wei won the CCSF 2017 and CCSF 2018 excellent chief information security officer awards, 2017 (ISC) ² Asia Pacific information security leader, information security professionals nominated award, and is the only winner from Chinese Mainland.
    Mr. Gu Wei is the owner of MBA from Shanghai Foreign Studies University and master of Science in information security from the University of London. Doctor of health management, University of Montpellier, France. Mr. Gu Wei is also a member of the science and technology branch of the Jiu San Society of the Democratic Party.
  • The necessity of cloud security audit, the different frameworks of cloud security audit, and how enterprises choose and practice effective cloud security audit.
Xianquan Fu

Xianquan Fu

Education Center

Sangfor Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Deputy director of teaching, teaching and research of Sangfor Industrial Education Center, senior lecturer, previously worked in a well-known domestic enterprise and a well-known education group, and served as senior architect of cloud platform, director of it courses, gold medal lecturer of famous teachers’ group, and lecturer of a specially hired enterprise of a university in Sichuan; More than ten years of experience in cloud computing and big data industries, and strong practical experience in enterprise information construction, enterprise project management, cloud platform architecture design, etc; He has rich experience in the delivery of courses related to it technology, cloud computing technology and big data technology, and has rich experience in the construction and organization of production education integration system in discipline construction, talent training, project scientific research, vocational skill talent certification, etc.
  • 【1】 Container and k8s technology have become the new data center business bearing architecture after virtualization and cloud, which will bring new load balancing requirements;
    【2】 Many leading enterprises, such as finance and energy, have begun to use containers in their core businesses, and have a strong demonstration role for customers at the waist, which will form a broad wave of container technology innovation;
Jinnan Zhang

Jinnan Zhang


99Cloud Inc.

  • Zhang Jinnan, the first batch of openstack practitioners in China, is committed to the research and development of openstack enterprise level products and the implementation of products, creating the first openstack enterprise brand of Kyushu cloud in China. It has successively provided consulting and implementation services based on openstack for many well-known companies at home and abroad. In terms of project experience, he led the architecture design and project implementation of several openstack private cloud projects. It has long been committed to improving and improving the optimization of openstack enterprise software architecture and the delivery of openstack private cloud products. Familiar with the development mode of openstack community and products, and committed to helping openstack land in enterprises.
  • Under the epidemic, enterprises are struggling to survive, and the digital boom is rising rapidly. Digital technology represented by 5g, edge computing, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and mobile Internet has played an important role in epidemic prevention and control. As China’s “14th five year plan” has made it clear that “open source” is a national strategy, open source and openness have become the main theme of the “14th five year plan” software. Kyushu cloud has accumulated rich experience in the process of ecological participation in open source openstack, Linux and CNCF communities for more than 10 years. LED and initiated the Jianmu open source project. The current situation of domestic enterprises’ open source has formed Devops users in the fields of finance, operators, education and so on to jointly create an ecological enabling enterprise digital transformation. In the process of practice, we will continue to co create domestic open source communities, open source governance and open source culture, so as to explore innovative practices based on open source. So as to provide a reference for enterprises to apply and participate in open source technology efficiently, safely and legally in the process of digital transformation.
Qing Wang

Qing Wang

Technical Director

JFrog China

  • Fifteen years of practical experience in agile R & D management and software engineering. Currently, he is the head of jfrog China technical team
  • 1. Challenges encountered in software release
    a) The software version is chaotic, and the service is unavailable
    2. How to establish a unified and only reliable source of software
    a) Unified product management, starting from the only trustworthy source to distribute to multiple places and hybrid clouds
    3. How to solve the security problem of software supply chain
    a) How to generate SBOM
    b) How to identify component vulnerabilities and how developers can quickly fix them
Jin Li

Jin Li

Senior Middleware Architect

NetEase Digitalsail

  • 8 years of experience in enterprise-level platform architecture and development. He was responsible for serving NetEase Cloud IaaS Platform, designing the development of maintenance platform, and promoting the application of IaaS services in Kaola/ NetEase Cloud Music/ NetEase Yanxuan and other businesses. Currently, he is mainly responsible for the design and development of the NetEase Cloud Middleware Platform, focusing on the research and practice of cloud-native middleware technology
  • The rapid expansion and explosive growth of the business pose a more severe challenge to the middleware: how to stably support the rapid development of the business? How to balance resources and IT costs to improving resource utilization? This speech will share the key technical points and migration practices of cloud-native middleware based on the typical scenarios and usage pain points of middleware, focusing on the construction goal of cloud-native PaaS platform.


Associate Product Director

Cypress Telecom Limited

  • He is responsible now for network product development at CypressTel with his strong background of pre-sales consultant and product management in well-known telecommunication companies. Since he devoted himself into network communication as well as IDC and cloud computing fields from 2009 and 2012 respectively, he has accumulated a strong and all round experience in IDC, cloud computing and SD-WAN product development, solutions design and service operations. He was also actively participating in the China nation-wide SD-WAN standardization and white papers editorial work.
  • Puzzle over how to apply the edge computing? Retail chain stores are often facing the challenge of managing mix of complicated business systems like payment system, advertising management, public WiFi access authentication and auditing as well as office automation system. Edge computing is a perfect way out to resolve this issue in a highly flexible and cost-effective fashion. Complemented by global data network, mainland China data center, multi-clouds platform, it fully addresses the IT needs for the retail industry.
Hardy Xie

Hardy Xie

Chief Security Evangelist

Shanghai YiNian Information Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Former head of security awareness and culture of the Information Security Department of PingAn Group, deputy leader of the cybersecurity awareness working group of the China Cyberspace Security Talent Education Forum, Hardy has more than 16 years of experience in the information security industry, and has long been committed to cyberspace security governance, information security management system construction, employee cyberspace security education and training, security awareness and security culture research. Hardy is an industry-renowned evangelist and practitioner for organizational security culture construction.
  • As companies around the world rush into digital transformation, so do the focus on cloud security. How to secure data and privacy in the cloud has become a major concern for companies. Cloud security is not only a tech problem, but also a human problem. As cloud security issues become more frequent and complex, the vital role that a resilient cloud security subculture plays in protecting data becomes more prominent. Building a culture of cloud security requires the top-down approach, which means instilling cloud security best practices into the daily business, and making sure everyone knows that security is a shared responsibility in order to meet regulatory compliance and build cyber resilience.
Jingyuan Chen

Jingyuan Chen

Security Researcher

Beijing Chaitin Technology

  • Chen Jingyuan ,Security Researcher at Chaitin Technology,Good at cloud security/host security/web security/Java security. He is a contributor to many open source projects. He has been invited to give technical speeches in corporate salons such as ByteDance and JD.
  • Cloud-native security is facing new dilemmas and challenges: no longer just in production, the entire devops are exposed to risk.
    To solve cloud-native security issues, we have developed a set of cloud-native security SDKs and corresponding tools. The dimensions of detection range from image backdoor to sensitive information leakage in projects, covering risks and threats. These tools are widely welcomed in the open source community.
    In this speech, the developers will introduce to you the challenges encountered in the process, how to deal with them, and how to build more complete security capabilities. We hope to help the audience solve the cloud-native security problems that may exist in enterprises by sharing our own experience.
Zhang Yabo

Zhang Yabo

Senior solutions director

Guizhou baishanyun Technology Co., Ltd

  • Mr. Zhang Yabo has many years of experience in the Internet industry and is deeply engaged in the field of cloud distribution and Internet security. In 2017, he joined Baishan cloud technology as a senior engineer of security solutions. Based on Baishan’s leading edge cloud products and services in China, he provided professional security acceleration solutions for Internet, government, transportation, finance, medical and other industries, and helped enterprises complete digital transformation.
  • With the promotion of enterprise digital transformation, more and more applications, data and computing power need to be migrated to the cloud or even sink to the edge, while the traditional central network architecture and security architecture are approaching failure under the new trend. In response to the complex challenges brought by digitalization, Baishan edge cloud integrates security capabilities into the infrastructure network architecture, converges security protection to the edge of network access, and proposes efficient solutions to enterprise network interconnection and security problems in multi branch scenarios at the source of risk.

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