Top Cloud Connect Awards

As the core activity of the annual Cloud Connect China, the “Top Cloud Connect Awards” aims to recognize the collective, individual and product who have made outstanding contributions to China’s cloud computing industry and have innovative spirit in the year, so as to promote the healthy, rapid and orderly development of cloud computing in China, and promote Chinese enterprises to the world stage. Since its establishment in 2014, the “Top Cloud Connect Awards” has been successfully held for seven times, receiving awards applications from more than 600 enterprises and more than one million online votes. In 2020, more than 70 enterprises and individuals were awarded team award and outstanding individual award at the seventh Top Cloud Connect Awards ceremony. In 2021, we look forward to the participation of more excellent enterprises and leaders in the industry!

Awards Program

2020-2021 Excellent Application Cases Award
2020-2021 Excellent Digital Transformation Cases Award
2020-2021 Top Brands Award
2020-2021 Cloud Computing Most Potential Enterprises Award
2020-2021 Outstanding Teams Award
2020-2021 Cloud Computing Influential People Award
2020-2021 Cloud Computing Rising Stars Award



Assessment and Application Process

Step One: Application Submission (March 1 – May 14)
Companies should submit application via official website of Cloud Connect China. The organizer will contact the candidates after receiving the application to verify the company information and qualification materials.

Step Two: Reveal the Nominees (May 14)
Awards Advisory Board members from research organization, industry alliances and organizations, professional media, international institutions and the event organizer will review the submissions and papers, and then reveal the nominees of each award.

Step Three: Online and Advisory Board Voting (May 14 – May 31)
The online voting will be launched on the official WeChat of Cloud Connect China. The online voting and the Advisory Board will be weighed to determine the winners.

Step Four: Awards Ceremony (June 17)
The organizer will invite all enterprises participating in the selection and shortlisted enterprises to participate in the award ceremony, and announce the list of awards of the 8th Top Cloud Connect Awards and present awards on site.

There have been third-party enterprises posing as organizer to provide bogus brushing votes services for the candidates in this process. So the organizer solemnly declares that Top Cloud Connect Awards will never initiate or accept any forms of brushing votes!

The awards are not allowed to be collected on behalf of others, and companies, teams or individuals who are not present are deemed to have voluntarily given up the awards they have received, and they cannot participate in the selection in the next year.

The final interpretation right belongs to the organizer.

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